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A Fresh & Positive Approach to
Purchasing Property in Spain


Our approach to Spanish Conveyancing ensures that transparency and clarity is present in each transaction in which we act. This is our signature as leading English speaking property lawyers in Spain. This approach is captured in our article:  “A Safe Path to Buying a Spanish Property”

Martin’s team seeks to keep you fully informed at all stages as the transaction while providing the highest of standards of legal services to ensure not a trick is missed to ensure the success of your purchase on the best possible terms so that you can then get down to the important business of enjoying your new Spanish home.  Following your completion, we offer ongoing services so that you can fully enjoy the Spanish lifestyle.

Martin Hayes is absolutely convinced that transaparency is a fundamental corner stone of completing a sucessful Spanish property transaction. This comes not only from his considerable experience as a Spanish property lawyer but also from his experience assisting clients before the Spanish courts in matters concerning property disputes:

In the vast majority of litigation cases that I have dealt with over the last number of years concerning Spanish property transactions, I feel that had the purchaser been properly informed as to the legal circumstances of the property that they were buying they may not have proceeded with the sale in the first place but instead have continued on with their Spanish property search…

Our fundamental aim is to provide you with all the information that you need in order to make a completely informed decision when evaluating a property and thereafter when you are negotiating the terms of your purchase contract. We are then with you to ensure that the terms agreed are made a reality on signing the Spanish deed of conveyance on conclusion of the transaction.

Many years of experience assisting clients from all around the world purchasing a wide range of property types though out the Valencia and Costa Blanca region means that we are very much aware of the challenges you face as you embark on conducting one of the most important investments of your life.  We are aware of the foreign sensation of purchasing an overseas through a language that is not your own. We seek to provide you with specific services to guide you through the process. In this way, you can get on with looking forward to getting your keys and planning your time in Spain.

Though out the purchasing process, you will benefit from our comprehensive experience in all aspects of Spanish Property Law and urban planning ensuring that your Spanish conveyance goes according plan. We will advise you as to concerns we may have and provide you with possible solutions for you to consider.

Our own expertise is complimented by a range of property professionals that we can call upon should you require such as English Speaking structural surveyors, building engineers, architects, topographers, geog technicians, builders and tradesmen.

Once the transaction is concluded, we can then offer you non resident services so that your time on holiday is not spent dealing with the mundanities of dealing with utility issues and town hall notices.

Selling your Spanish Property

In a buyers market it is so very important to ensure that your property is ready for sale so that once you have landed a buyer the potential sale is not compromised or stalled by not have all of the legalities attended to.

Many vendors simply do not know that if the sale of the property falls through once a reservation or private contract has been signed, their ability to put the property back on the market could be blocked for years while resulting legal disputes are resolved. Attempting to sell a property that is subject to a reservation contract or private contract could have both civil and or criminal sanction. It therefore pays to get your house in order before you embrake on exchanging contracts with that precious purchaser who is keen on your property.

The poor practices that were all too common during the boom years have left their legacy in terms of issues that come to surface when it becomes time to sell. Examples of such issues can concern for example:

  • Boundaries – indiscripencies between Spanish Property Registry and Catastro
  • Undeclaired building extensions
  • Undeclaired Swimming Pools
  • Town hall infraction notices
  • Disputes with Property Community
  • Disputes with neighbours
  • Otaining habitation certificates
  • Minium years of ownership requirements etc

Our team of property professionals can assist you with finding effective and cost efficient ways of solving such problems. We will work with you to ensure that proper time scales are put in place to ensure that the issue can be resolved while keeping your buyer fully on board. We will also ensure that you do not sign a contract agreeing to the impossible and assist you with striking a deal with the purchaser that is reasonable and fair to both parties.

Over the years, we have come to appreciate that people seek to sell their property for a wide range of reasons and in differing circumstances. As we provide assistance with Spanish Wills and Spanish Inheritance we are especially well placed to assist beneficiaries with the sale of recently acquired property with the specific issues that this entails.

Ancillary Services:

Spanish Bank Account: We can assist you with the opening of a Spanish bank account if you should require.

Mortgage Finance: if you need assistance with securing mortgage finance for your property we can assist you with your dealings with your Spanish bank or introduce you to a highly qualified and reputable mortgage broker if you should so wish.

Power of Attorney: It is not always possible to travel to Spain to complete the purchase. Where-ever you are located we can assist you with granting us power of attorney so that we can complete the transaction on your behalf.

Currency Brokers: We can assist you to find a suitable currency broker if you should require.

NIE Certificates: You will need to have a current NIE certificate when purchasing a Spanish property. This is a certificate that provides the holder with a Spanish fiscal number. We can assist you to obtain this number and to register it with the Spanish tax office.

Post Completion Services: Following the completion of your purchase we will be on hand to assist you throughout your ownership experience here in Spain.