I used Martin Hayes as my lawyer when purchasing my property in Valencia, Spain. At the time, I was up to my eyes selling my business in readiness for my move to Spain. In typical fashion for me, I found myself trying to purchase a place in Spain, sell my business and our family home in the UK all at the same time. It soon became aparent that I needed effective help in Valencia.  Having made some enquiries I came across Martin Hayes, an English speaking lawyer in Valencia.


I was pleasantly surprised that Martin took the time to keep in touch with regular telephone calls, even though I was in the UK, to update me constantly as to how he was getting on with the town hall enquiries.

As it turned out, the property had an issue that Martin worked hard to make sure was all ironed out before the completion. He explained all the Spanish legal jargon – so much so that I think I can now give classes on what a “cedula de habitabilidad” is to keep me busy during the winter months:).

On a serious note, the benefits of having a no nonsense native English speaking Spanish lawyer cannot be understated. I would highly recommend him”…..Andy